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PT. Tunas Mitra Sukses ( Packaging Solution)

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PT. Tunas Mitra Sukses ( Packaging Solution)
PT. Tunas Mitra Sukses ( Packaging Solution)
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PT. Tunas Mitra Sukses ( Packaging Solution)


PT. Tunas Mitra Sukses is a subsidiary Company of PT.Tunas Mitra Jaya .Tunas Mitra is an innovative
and dynamic supplier of industrial packaging to support industrial packaging requirements. Tunas Mitra
regards complete customers satisfaction as the main goal in business. We believe that it' s impossible to
continue to grow and succeed in business if products and services do not meet and satisfy customers
requirements. We are committed to provide customers with a first class services, excellent products at a fair and competitive price such as :

1. Stretch Film
1st in indonesia, provide 10micron - 12 micron thickness for Manual usage, enviromental friendly, safe cost, safe area and less waste. for regular condition we also provide 20 micron for manual usage.

2. Compress wooden Pallete
ISPM 15 exempted ( no need heat treatment and fumigation) , safe cost, safe process, safe area and safe environtment.

3.OPP packaging Tape / Lakban / Solasi ( TM Tape) .
OPP packaging tape that complete with data for manufacturing usage. Good price same quality

4. Strapping Band
5. Dunnage Bag/ Air Bag
6. Masking Tape
7. Protection Tape
8. Double tape

for complete information please visit

http: / / tunasmitrajaya.blogspot.com

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